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Choosing the most appropriate type of Stainless Steel for Single Compression Tube Fittings and Double Compression Tube Fittings

Following are the most important factors you should consider while choosing the  right Stainless Steel for 
your Single Ferrule Compression Tube Fittings and Double Compression Tube Fittings. 

  • Corrosive Environment : Atmospheric, Water, Concentration of particular chemicals, chloride content, presence of acid. 
  • Temperature of Operation : High temperatures usually accelerate corrosion rates and therefore indicate a higher grade. Low temperatures will require a tough austenitic steel.
  • Strength Required – Higher strength can be obtained from the Austenitic, Duplex, Martensitic and PH steels. Other processes such as welding and forming often influence which of these is most suitable. For example, high strength austenitic steels produced by work hardening would not be suitable where welding was necessary as the process would soften the steel.
  • Customer expectation regarding performance of material  – This is an important consideration often missed in the selection process. Particularly, what are the aesthetic requirements as compared to the structural requirements? 
  • There may also be special requirements such as non-magnetic properties to take into account.
  • It must also be borne in mind that steel type alone is not the only factor in material selection. Surface finish is at least as important in many applications, particularly where there is a strong aesthetic component. 
  • Availability: There may be a perfectly correct technical choice of material which cannot be implemented because it is not available in the time required.
  • Cost: Sometimes the correct technical option is not finally chosen on cost grounds alone. However, it is important to assess cost on the correct basis. Many stainless steel applications are shown to be advantageous on a life cycle cost basis rather than initial cost.

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