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Pipe Fittings   Couplings   Carbon Tee


             Full Coupling Socket
     Half Coupling Socket
                End Cap
                90 DEG Elbow
                45 DEG Elbow
               Equal Unequal Tee


                Socket Weld Outlet
               Threaded Outlet
               Welding outlet
                 Nipple Outlet
                Flange Outlet
                Studding Outlet
Swage Nipple


  • SS 304 Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Stainless Steel Plugs /Forged Pipe Fittings 
  • Stainless Steel Couplings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Forged Full Couplings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Forged Equal Tee /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Forged Street Elbow /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Forged Sockets /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Threaded Elbow/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Threaded Tee /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Threaded Coupling NPT/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • BSP Three Piece Union /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • High Pressure Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • High Pressure Forged Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Threaded Pipe Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • NPT Forged Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • NPT Pipe Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • BSP Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • UNF Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • BSPT Fittings

Forged Weld Pipe Fitting


  • Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, Alloy Steel Pipe Fittings, High Pressure Pipe Fittings, Super Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings, SS Forged Fittings, Forged Pipe Fittings, Alloy Steel Forged Fittings, Super Duplex Forged Fittings, Butt Weld Pipe Fittings, Socket Weld Fittings, Screwed Fittings, Threaded Forged Fittings.  
  • Our Pipe Fittings both, Forged & Bar stock are precisely designed to meet High Pressure and Leakage Proof service requirements.


  • Socket Weld 
  • Threaded (BSP, BSPT, NPT) 


  • Coupling (Full & Half)
  • Socket (Full & Half)
  • Plug (Hex Head, Square Head, Round Head, Drain)
  • Cap
  • Elbow (45Deg & 90Deg)
  • Street Elbow 
  • Tee (Run Type & Branch Type)
  • Cross
  • Union (3 Piece)
  • Nipple (Pipe Type & Hex Type)
  • Insert 
  • Bushing
  • As per Client Customization / Drawing 


  • 1/8"NB (6NB) to 4"NB (100NB)


  • 1500# to 9000# 
  • 1000 Psi to 15000 Psi

DIMENSIONS in accordance with

  • ANSI B16.11
  • MSS-SP-97
  • MSS-SP-43
  • MSS-SP-95
  • BS 3799


Carbon SteelASTM A 105 / N, ASTM A 350 LF2 Class
Alloy SteelASTM A 182 F5, ASTM A 182 F9, ASTM A 182 F11, ASTM A 182 F22, ASTM A 182 F91 
Stainless SteelASTM A 182 F304/H/L, ASTM A 182 F310/H, ASTM A 182 F316/H/L, ASTM A 182 F317/L, ASTM A 182 F321/H, ASTM A 182 F347/H/L
Duplex Steel ASTM A 182 F44, ASTM A 182 F51, ASTM A 182 F60, ASTM A 182 F61
High Performance Alloys

Alloy600, Alloy 601, Alloy 625, Alloy800, Alloy825, Alloy 400, Alloy K500, Alloy C276, Titanium, Alloy 20, Nickel 200/201, Cupro Nickel 70/30, Cupro Nickel 90/10

stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings, Carbon Steel Socket Weld Fittings, MS Socket Weld Fittings, Alloy Steel Socket Weld Fittings, Duplex Steel Socket Weld Fittings

Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings, Carbon Steel Socket Weld Fittings, MS Socket Weld Fittings, Alloy Steel Socket Weld Fittings, Duplex Steel Socket Weld Fittings Stockist & Exporters

ASTM A182, ASME B 16.11, ANSI B16.9, MSS SP-43, BS3799 Socket Weld Pipe Fittings Manufacturer & Supplier in India
Socket Weld Fittings Are Vital Industrial Necessities Which Play A Key Role In Major Industries. Tech Tubes & Fittings Is One Of The Renowned Socket Weld Fittings Manufacturer & Suppliers Of The Contemporary Market. We Own An Exceptional Collection Of All Varieties Of Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings Which We Offer At Great Affordable Prices. 
All Of Our Forged Socket Weld Fittings Possess Great Mechanical Properties For Which They Have A Huge Demand In The Market.

Socket Weld Fittings

All The Types Of Socket Weld Fittings Are Fabricated Using Fresh & Pure Raw Material Which Is Lent From Honest & Genuine Vendors Of The Market. Our Socket Weld Elbow Is Deployed For Changing The Direction Of A Piping System. On The Other Hand, A Socket Weld Cross Is An Important Mechanism Which Generally Consists Of One Inlet & Three Outlets Or Vice Versa. Our Socket Weld Stub Ends & Socket Weld Caps Are Leak Proof & Long Lasting. Also, Our Socket Weld Reducers & Socket Weld Unions Are Tough & Corrosion Resistant.

We Are Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Manufacturers Who Offer A Large Portfolio Of Valves & Fittings Duly Designed & Supplied To Withstand Aggressive Industrial Pressure Systems, & Ensure Safety & Efficiency In All Instances.Male Hose Connector Key Features Of Our Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, Our Pipes & Fittings Are Available In A Large Variety, To Suit The Needs Of Our Industrial Clients. The Main Features Of Our Stainless Pipe Fittings Include.

The Exposed Threads Of The Pipe Fittings Are Duly Packed To Be Supplied Protected With Plastic Caps. This Ensures Damage Free Units & Products Are Clean Due To Packaging In Clear Plastic Sealed Bags.The Pipe Fittings Pressure Rating Of About 10,000 PSI.

We Serve The Industry As Pipe Fittings Manufacturers, Who Only Serve Durable, High Precision, Safe Products To Our Clients. 
The Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Are Designed & Manufactured To Ensure Leak Free Efficiency & System Safety In A Wide Range Of Industry Settings, Which Include Oil, Petrochemical, Gas & Power Generation & Chemical Industries Etc.You Can Access A Wide Range Of Pipe Couplings, Fittings & Adapters & Choose From Our Portfolio To Suit Your Needs. All Unit Withstand Aggressive Environments & Are Available In A Set Variety Of Diameter Choices & Are Also Available As Complete Joining System.

Usage Of Socket Weld Fittings

Socket Weld Pipe Fittings Normally Used In High Pressure Pipeline Systems In Different Industries As Below, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals,
Medical Science, Power Stations Of Electric Or Nuclear, Environment Control, Aerospace Constructions, Fire Protection Systems.

Types Of Socket Welded Pipe Fittings

Like Butt Weld Fittings, Socked Weld Pipe Fittings Also Ranged In Elbow, Tee, Cap, Reducer, More Over Includes Couplings Full Coupling, Half Coupling, Reducing Coupling, Reducing Insert Socket Welded Union.

Socket Weld Union

Socket Weld Union Includes A Screwed Joint In The Middle To Connect Three Parts As You Can See In Above Photo, With The Internal Threads Will Draw Two Ends Together. It Shall Be Noted That Before Do The Socket Welding, You Have To Screw It To Tight The Three Parts Firstly. This Will ,Minimize The Warping Of The Seats.

Pipe Fittings Are Components Which Help In:

1. Changing The Direction Of Flow And/Or Creating joints.
2. Changing the sizes of the pipe by using fittings like Reducing Tees, Couplings, Reducer etc.,
3. Stopping the flow by using fittings like Caps etc.,
4. Diverting the flow.

Pipe Fittings are made in variety of materials viz., Stainless Steels Grades 304/L, 316/L, Duplex Steel, Super Duplex Steel, Carbon Steels, Alloy Steels, Alloy 625, Alloy 600, Alloy 718, Alloy 800, Alloy 825, Alloy 400, Alloy K500, Alloy C276, Alloy C22 etc.,

Tech Tubes & Fittings is a acclaimed manufacturer of High Pressure Pipe Fittings like Elbow, Reducer, Tee, Coupling, Cap, Plug, Socket, Union, Nipple, Cross, Insert, Bushing etc., in both Threaded - NPT, BSP, BSPT Threads and Socket weld Type. 


             Full Coupling Threaded
              Half Coupling Threaded
               End Cap Threaded
               90 DEG Elbow Threaded
             45 DEG Elbow Threaded
             Equal Unequal Tee Threaded
Hex Square Round Plug


Tube Fittings
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           > Double Ferrule Tube Fittings

Pipe Fittings
           > Forged Pipe Fittings
           > Barstock Pipe Fittings
           > O-Lets

           > Forged Flanges
           > Plate Flanges

           > Needle Valves
           > Manifold Valves
           > Ball Valves
           > Check Valves


  • SS 304L Forged Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • SS 316L Forged Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • SS 304H Forged Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • SS 316H Forged Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • SS 317L Forged Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy 400 Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy K500 Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy 600 Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy 625 Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy 800 Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy 825 Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy C276 Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • UNS S31803 Forged Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • UNS S32205 Forged Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • UNS S32750 Pipe Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • UNS S32760 Pipe Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • SS 321 Pipe Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy 20 Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy Steel Pipe Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings 
  • Cupro Nickel Pipe Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Socket Weld Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Titanium Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Super Duplex Pipe Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Duplex Pipe Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • SS 316 Forged Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Stainless Steel Forged Fittings
  • Alloy Steel Forged Fittings
  • Duplex Forged Fittings
  • Duplex Steel Forged Fittings
  • Super Duplex Forged Fittings
  • Inconel Forged Fittings
  • Inconel Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Monel Forged Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Monel Pipe Fittings/Forged Pipe Fittings
  • A182 F51 Forged Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • A182 F53 Forged Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • A182 F55 Forged Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Duplex Steel Forged Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Super Duplex Steel Forged Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • SS A182 F304L Forged Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • SS A182 F316L Forged Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • SS A182 F904L Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy 600 High Pressure Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy 625  High Pressure Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy 800  High Pressure Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings 
  • Alloy 825  High Pressure Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy C276  High Pressure Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy 254 Pipe Fittings /Forged Pipe Fittings


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