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What are Ferrule Fittings or Tubing Fittings?

What are Ferrule Fittings or Tubing Fittings What are Ferrule Fittings or Tubing Fittings

Construction is the major activity found across the world. It helps in the building of a house, offices, monuments, etc. Construction is the part where a large proportion of the livelihood is provided. 


There are various materials used in the construction such as cement, tools, steel, brick, etc. But today, this article will tell you about the most essential and required material for construction and that is ferrule fittings. But wait, what are ferrule fittings? Let's first know the meaning and uses of ferrule fittings.

About Ferrule Fittings

Ferrule fittings (also known as tubing fittings) are different types of fittings used while construction. They generally consist of two pieces that ease the person while construction. 


In these kinds of tube fittings, two metal ferrules are taken and then they are pushed against the duct as the fitting is compressed to assure a secure and leakproof mark in the channel. A popular length span of ferrule fittings is between 1/16″ to 2″ for proportional lengths and between 2 to 50 mm for measured lengths. 

The ferrule tube generally consists of the following parts: 

  1. Body
  2. Identification ring 
  3. Inspection check ring 
  4. Front ferrule
  5. Back ferrule 
  6. Nut

Types of Ferrule Fittings

As these ferrule fittings, main elements are the body and nuts, they are classified into two major categories : 

1. Single Ferrule fittings

This ferrule-fitting nose is utilized to fulfill the requirement of front and back ferrule. They are generally hard to install and less preferred. 

2. Double Ferrule Fittings 

This ferrule fitting has both front and back ferrule to ease the work avoiding mess and confusion. They are commonly used and easy to install as compared to single ferrule. 

Uses and advantages of Ferrule Fittings in daily life

The ferrule fittings are very useful for joining or fitting two materials. So, it is widely used in the following aspects: 

1. Joining of two pipelines

When you are constructing something, you need to combine various elements to build up the desired structure. One of the important elements while construction is a pipeline. To have a smooth flow of water or gas at your place you need to have a long channel for the supply. This can be done by joining the pipes and this is easily and accurately done through ferrule fittings. 

2. Perfect alignment in the connector 

When you fit your pipelines with ferrule fittings, you will have a perfect and required alignment in the connectors which makes the connection to be more accurate and reliable. They also help in the secure and protected stripped at the edge of the fiber. 


Tube fittings or ferrule fittings are widely used and produced as they are very helpful while connecting two things. After going through this entire article, you must get the definition, uses, and types of these ferrule fittings. 

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For More Details on  What are Ferrule Fittings or Tubing Fittings contact us on

***Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Incoloy, SMO254, Nitronic, AL6XN, Stellite, Sanicro, Tantalum, Nimonic , Alloy A286, Invar, Cupronickel etc., are the trademarks of their respective companies.


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What are Double Ferrule Fittings?

Double Compression Fittings are used in various industry to quickly and efficiently create leak-free tubing/instrumentation connections. Double ferrule fittings are made for the same purpose, but with different components. It features Nut, two ferrules, and a tube fitting body. 

These double ferrule fittings fittings are available in both metric and fractional tube sizes. Wrapping the union nut around the tube will stain the ferrule and create a strong seal. Double ferrule compression fittings provide a leak-free connection to all tolerances in the tube outer wall, thickness, diameter, and material hardness.

About Double Ferrule Fittings

Double ferrule compression fittings are the most common equipment fittings. They are regularly used in process measurement and control systems in the aerospace, defense, chemical processing plants, medical devices, oil and gas industries. The compression fitting consists of three components: nut, body, and ferrule (single or double). This design creates a sequential grip on the tube. Instrumentation tube fittings are U.N.E.F. or (United National Extra Fine) threads, the size of which is determined by the outer diameter of the tube used. 

The ferrule becomes a coin and is compressed into the tube, providing a firm grip on the surface of the tube. The male side of the Double Ferrule Instrument Fitting has a hole that matches the outer diameter-OD of the tube. In addition, an inner cone is used. The seal is between the front ferrule and the cone. Hold the tube in place by tightening the nut and letting the front and rear ferrules swage into the tube to secure it firmly. This allows flared-free tubes to be used with these connectors.

Features of Double Ferrule Fittings

The new Tactlok® ferrule tube fittings are specially designed for use in instrumentation, process and control systems, analytical equipment, and environmental equipment used in chemical, petroleum, power generation, and pulp and paper mills. Tactlok®  Ferrule Tube Fittings are widely used in other applications and industries where high reliability and quality are required.

Top benefits of Double Ferrule Fittings
The benefits and features of these fittings may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. These fittings have many properties that make them ideal for use. 

  • The high-quality double ferrule fitting has silver-plated threads on the nuts to prevent galling of the body threads.  
  • These fittings have excellent corrosion resistance.  
  • It has a measurable body. 
  • Zero leaks under a variety of harsh operating conditions. 
  • It provides high resistance to corrosion, high pressure, and extreme temperatures. 
  • These fittings are easy to use and save time and maintenance costs. 
  • These fittings can be reused. 
  • The leak-free fitting connection can withstand high-pressure vacuum and vibration processes. 
  • Double ferrule compression fittings are suitable for low torque operation.

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***Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Incoloy, SMO254, Nitronic, AL6XN, Stellite, Sanicro, Tantalum, Nimonic , Alloy A286, Invar, Cupronickel etc., are the trademarks of their respective companies.

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