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Needle Valves: Uses, Types, Industries

Needle valves are now familiar to you. Let's have a quick look at the amazing points and highlights regarding needle valves. 

Uses of Needle Valves

Due to the proper structure that helps out engineers and others while their work, these are the following uses of needle valves. 

  1. Needle valves are consumed in flow-metering equipment or tools, primarily when a constant, calibrated, low flow velocity must be conserved for some period.
  2. Needle valves are operated in low-pressure hydraulic operations, chemical processing, and different gas and liquid customs.
  3. Needle valves are utilized to control the cycle and safeguard small measures from the destruction resulting from immediate pressure explosions of liquids and gases.
  4. Heretofore flow rates are low and several rolls of the valve body are needed to unpack or tighten, needle valves are not adopted for modest shutoff devices.
  5. Needle valves are also periodically obtained in space operations, to disclose an answerable yet smooth allotment of gas without a considerable amount of pressure.

Types of Needle Valves 

Needle Valves come in two different types and each has different features. They are

1. Inline Needle Valve

The inline needle valves have their separate inlet and outlet port. It is also in a straight line. These valves can be enrolled, mainly, in an upright line flow operation.

2. Angle Needle Valve

The Angel Needle valves have their separate inlet and outlet port. It is at a certain angle. Mostly, a 90° angle is incorporated between the inlet and outlet for adequate operation incorporation. This kind of needle valve is obtained at the place where the pipe corners.

Industries that acquire Needle Valves 

Needle valves are obtained in various industries such as: 


1. Zoological sciences

The Needle Valve is very helpful when you are studying zoology as the zoological sciences is a book that is based on mostly animals.


2. Gas and liquid dispensation

The Needle Valve is used in gas and liquid dispensation to control the major flow system of these fluids and gases. It also helps while discharging these fluids. 


3. Instrumentation control

It helps in controlling the instrumentation as it can control the flow at a very low rate and in return furnishes you with higher accuracy. It helps you to have control over the instrumentation and its operation handily. 


4. Cooling

The needle valve helps in cooling your heated up fluids and gases while its passage as throttle even with less volume of fluid and gases is feasible. It is also a simple process of fitting and using a needle valve for cooling. 


5. Power generation

The needle valve helps in the regulation of air and helps in the turbine bypass that helps in the power generation. It also makes the flow of your liquids more precise and reliable. 


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