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Introduction to Needle Valve

Introduction to Needle Valve

A Needle Valve is a type of valve which can be used to regulate flow of a substance, usually either gas or water, through an appliance or system. The Needle Valve unique feature of the value is the inclusion of a small plunger, with a shape akin to a Needle Valve.

A Needle Valve is a valve which is used for regulating the flow of a fluid/gas through a system or an appliance. A small plunger is used in needle valve which looks quite like a needle.

This Valve is also known as an Isolation Valve or Isolation Needle Valve. Typically used to reduce high pressure to low pressure.


Advantages of Needle valve

  1. Using a Needle Valve helps in controlling the flow of the fluid to a very low rate with high accuracy.
  2. During installation you need not worry about the space, since Needle Valve is quite small and compact in design
  3. Even with a lesser volume of fluid, throttling is possible in this type of Valve
  4. The flow rate is Needle Valve can be adjusted very much precisely
  5. The operation, maintenance and use of Needle Valve is much easier.

Construction and Operation of Needle Valve

This Valve uses a pin (tapered) to open the space gradually which helps in fine control of the flow. The flow can be regulated and controlled using a handle which is connected to the spindle.

The orifice of a needle valve is relatively small when compared to other valves, the seat is long and tapered. The plunger exactly fits the seat.

When the handle is turned – which causes the plunger to retract the flow between the plunger and seat becomes possible. Until there is complete retraction of the plunger the flow of fluid is impeded.
This clearly means that in a needle valve the flow can be easily adjusted.

The plunger takes several turns to retract due to the fine threads a precise regulated flow rate is possible. 

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