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Everything you need to know about single ferrule tube fittings

Everything you need to know about single ferrule tube fittings

Thermal cycling and vibration are known to be among the toughest environments for tube fittings. To ensure that the tube fitting does not fail under extreme conditions, these applications necessitate high-precision, leak-free technology. While there are a variety of tube fitting alternatives available, engineers need a solution that minimizes risks while also providing good value for money.


Techtube has created a single ferrule tube fitting design known as the compression tube fitting to meet this purpose. These tube fittings are suited for applications in process, power, and instrumentation. The fitting is simple to install and provides a strong anti-vibration hold on the tube with only three pieces required.


What is a single ferrule tube fitting?

The tubing is gripped by a single ferrule, which produces a leak-tight seal between the compression nut and the fitting body. In this situation, the single-ferrule serves two purposes at once: it seals the fitting while also locking it in place.


Benefits of single ferrule tube fittings

Here are some of the benefits of single ferrule tube fittings.

1. Less leak path

Single ferrule fittings have only two potential leak channels to seal, but double ferrule fittings have three or more potential leak paths to seal.

2. Less body contact

Single ferrule designs make less contact with the body, whereas double ferrule designs make contact with the body across the entire surface. In many applications, this permits the end-load to be concentrated in a smaller region, outperforming double ferrule.

3. Reduce vibration

The use of single ferrule designs creates a cushioning effect that reduces vibration.

4. Improved temperature cycling performance

Metals expand and contract in temperature cycling applications, causing dimensional changes in fitting connections. Single ferrule designs provide a "spring-loaded" action that keeps the fitting body and nut in continuous tension.

5. Installation ease

Single ferrule fittings necessitate the use of a coated nut, which reduces torque. The coating also extends the life of the fitting in service, reducing the need for maintenance.

6. Precision assembly

When there are fewer components, there are fewer things that can go wrong during assembly. Single ferrule fittings also take less time and effort to put together than double ferrule fittings.



To avoid leaks and associated damage while working with tube fittings for any piping-based application, a proper and trustworthy seal between the various components is required.

Single-ferrule or dual-ferrule compression fittings might utilize depending on the nature and purpose of the compression fitting application. Making the right decision will ensure that your plumbing system is protected from leaks and damage.


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