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5 Way Manifold Valve: Uses, Types, Industries

To get the satisfactory manifold valve from the promising manufacturer and supplier Techtube, let's take a glance at its type and use. Let's get started. 

Uses of 5 way Manifold Valves

In my numerous fluid power applications, manifolds are used depending on the demand. In both hydraulics and pneumatics, 5-way manifolds can be used to mount valves and consolidate pipework. When they are used to install valves, they are the contact between the valves and the ports to be piped into.


Other than valving, 5-way manifolds can be utilized for a variety of reasons. A 5 way manifold could simply be a chamber with two or more ports connected in series to save on plumbing. For example, a return line 5-way manifold with six smaller ports connecting to a single large tank port saves the need for a series of costly coupled fittings, saving money and reducing the chance of leakage.


In pressure lines, a 5 way manifold can be used to clean up the plumbing and improve the aesthetics. Let's look at the different sorts of manifold valves now. 

Types of 5 way manifold valves

5-way manifold valves come in four different forms. They are as follows:


1. Inline or direct connect Valve 5 way manifold

Inline, block and bleed, and block and bleed manifolds are examples of direct connect manifolds that have female or male process connections. Male National Pipe Thread is used to connect this sort of manifold to transmitters (NPT).


Only a 5-way valve assembly with a 12" NPT process connection is available for these manifolds. On these manifolds, female process connections are common, but male process connections are also possible.


2. Coplanar Manifold valve

Coplanar 5-valve arrangement on a coplanar manifold with direct process connection Coplanar 5-valve assembly valve manifolds with direct process connection on a coplanar manifold Coplanar 5-valve assembly valve manifolds with direct process connection on a coplanar manifold Coplanar 5-valve arrangement with direct process connection on a coplanar valve manifold. The process connection enters coplanar manifolds from the bottom, eliminating the need for a separate process connection.


3. Traditional Manifold valve

A side connector is seen on traditional manifolds. They can be ordered with two or three valves. A flange is required on some classic manifolds, while it is not required on others. Process connectors of 12" and 14" are included with these manifolds.


4. Conventional manifold valve

Conventional Manifolds have been around for quite some time. A 5-valve design is typical of a conventional manifold. You'll need to use a conventional manifold if you need a totalizer manifold on the side of a process flange rather than directly on a pressure transmitter sensor. These flanges are referred to as alternative and classic flanges. Two, three, or five valve manifolds are available. There are two 18" center-to-center connections on the instrument side.



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