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What are High-Pressure Needle Valves?

High-pressure valves are used in industries ranging from global oil production to the aerospace industry. It is present in almost all hydraulic systems to safely keep the system pressure below the desired upper limit. In general, there are five types of high-pressure valves. 

High-pressure needle valves have their specialty and features based on their usage and functioning. This makes the user clear of the problem of the needle valves regarding pressure and temperature. Let's start the discussion and gain some insights regarding high-pressure needle valves. 

About High-Pressure needle valves 

As the name suggests, a high-pressure needle valve is the design of a needle valve for controlling high temperature and high pressure. Needle valves are commonly used to control clean gases and liquids.

High- pressure Needle valve manufacturers have designed this valve from two body materials: one is brass and the other is stainless steel. Brass High-pressure needle valves are used in potable water applications, other non-chemically reactive liquids, and non-corrosive liquids. 

When this valve is used for high-pressure fluids, manufacturers use stainless steel because it is the best material for corrosive liquids and high-pressure gases. The durability of this material is long, and it also withstands high temperatures.

Features of High-pressure needle valves

There are various special features of high-pressure needle valves. They are: 

  • Low-wear design since the spindle head does not rotate in the housing 
  • Low torque and smooth  valve handle the operation even at high pressure 
  • Leakage tested according to BS6755 / ISO 5208 leak rate A 
  • A wide selection of materials and configurations is available 
  • Customer-specific combination of valve and measuring instrument (instrumentation connection) on request. 

Applications of high-pressure needle valves 

These high-pressure valves are primarily used to regulate the pressure high-pressure of the circuit and are typically used to offset weight or external forces. The valve's main port is connected to the rod end of the cylinder and the pressure setting is slightly higher than necessary to prevent free fall of the load. These are the following applications of high-pressure needle valves. 

  1. Petroleum, chemical industry, machine building, and automation. 
  2. For injection system, test bench, hydraulic unit, discharge protection.  
  3. Wet sandblasting/cutting, high-pressure cleaning. 


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