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Different types of 3 Way Manifold Valve

A 3 way manifold valve might be confusing for you as you have been through manifold valves. Today, Techtube will furnish you with some details. Let's start. 

Types of 3 way manifold valve

There are mainly 5 types of 3 way manifold valves. They are: 

1. Direct Mounting for Differential Pressure Transmitter

A direct mounting for a differential pressure transmitter is a tool that can always and reliably create a pressure drop in a tube and then manipulate pressure ratios on both sides of the tube to compute the rate of flow. 


Several applications can aid from the usage of a differential pressure flow transmitter.

2. Close Coupled - Direct Mounting Differential Pressure Transmitter

The perfect combination of a DBB root valve, process tubing, fittings, and 3 way manifold with bracket into one unit is the close coupling, which combines a pressure manifold with an afire-safe process valve. This sort of valve also reduces the installation's height. As a result, it lowers the danger of damage during periods of vibration.

3. Remote Mounting on Differential Pressure Transmitter

Remote mounting seal systems react to changes in process pressures as the liquid level in the tank fluctuates, as well as changes in static pressure above the liquid. These pressure fluctuations are conveyed to a differential pressure transmitter-sensor via an oil-filled capillary. The incompressible oil used in the capillaries and seals is compatible with the process temperature, pressure, and media composition.


The transmitter is usually installed at ground level or adjacent to the high-pressure process connection. The HP & LP pressure points are affected by the change in level in the tank or vessel, and this change in pressure is measured using a differential pressure transmitter, which subsequently determines the tank or vessel's equivalent level.

4. Direct Mounting Transmitter

The Direct Pressure transmitter is a pressure-measuring device with a wide range of applications. By connecting the "high" and "low" sensing ports differently, this one instrument can measure pressure differences, positive pressures, negative pressures, and even absolute pressures.


Liquid Measurement using a Differential Pressure Transmitter Differential pressure transmitters are used to monitor pressure before and after fluid passes through an obstruction like a filter or a pump. This pressure instrument, on the other hand, can also be used to detect liquid levels.

5. Gauge Manifold

Refrigerators and cooling systems are diagnosed and repaired using manifold gauge sets, also known as HVAC gauges or refrigeration gauges. They use digital or mechanical gauges to measure low and high refrigerant pressure to diagnose issues like leaks or to assist with evacuating and recharging a system.



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