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Instrumentation Tube Fittings

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 Stainless Steel Tube Fittings, Ferrule Fittings Carbon Steel Tube Fittings, Ferrule Fittings Instrumentation Fittings, Compression Fittings - Single Compression Fittings and Double Compression Fittings are Manufacture in India.

  • Our Instrumentation Tube Fittings both, Single Ferrule Tube Fittings and Double Ferrule Tube Fittings Ferrule Fittings are precisely designed to meet High Pressure and Leakage Proof service requirements.
  • Type : Single & Double Ferrules / Compression Ends, Threaded, Socket Weld and Others.


  • Tee (Union Tee, Run Tee, Branch Tee)
  • Elbow - 45 Deg & 90 Deg (Union Elbow, Connector Elbow)
  • Connector (Bulk Head, Straight & Reducing)
  • Cap
  • Plug
  • Union (Bulk Head, Straight & Reducing)
  • Cross
  • Nut
  • Ferrules
  • Adapter
  • Port Connector
  • As per Client Customization / Drawing

Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings:

 Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings: A Guide to Reliable Fluid System Connections

In the realm of fluid and gas systems, achieving secure and dependable connections is paramount. For applications that require tubes or pipes to pass through a wall or panel while maintaining airtight integrity, Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings are the solution of choice. In this exclusive guide, we'll explore Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings, unraveling their functionality, advantages, and versatile applications.

Understanding Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings

Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings are specialized components meticulously designed to establish a secure connection between two tubes while passing through a wall or panel. These fittings comprise several key components: the body, the nut, the ferrule, and the bulkhead nut. The body houses the tube, while the nut and ferrule play a vital role in sealing and securing the connection. The bulkhead nut ensures a leak-free and sturdy connection when passing through a panel.

Key Features and Advantages

  1. Leak-Free Seal: The primary function of Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings is to provide an impeccable seal that prevents any leakage of fluid or gas. This ensures system integrity and prevents wastage.
  2. Robust Construction: These fittings are typically manufactured from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, brass, or other durable alloys, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion.
  3. Versatility in Sizing: Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings are available in a range of sizes, making them adaptable to various tubing diameters, allowing for flexible use in different applications.
  4. Panel Penetration: Their unique design enables tubes to pass through panels, walls, or enclosures while maintaining a sealed connection. This feature is invaluable in systems where components must be isolated or protected.
  5. Ease of Installation: Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings can be easily assembled without the need for specialized tools, making installation quick and hassle-free.
  6. Diverse Applications: These fittings find application in industries such as aerospace, marine, automotive, and chemical processing, where reliable and sealed connections are vital.

Applications of Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings

Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings are indispensable in a variety of industries and scenarios:

  1. Aerospace: In aircraft and spacecraft, where precision and safety are paramount, these fittings ensure that critical fluid systems operate smoothly and securely.
  2. Marine: In marine vessels, Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings help maintain sealed connections even in challenging saltwater environments.
  3. Automotive: In the automotive industry, they are used in brake systems, fuel lines, and hydraulic systems, ensuring safety and reliability.
  4. Chemical Processing: In chemical plants and laboratories, where corrosive materials are handled, Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings resist chemical corrosion and maintain tight connections.
  5. Instrumentation: These fittings are crucial in various measuring and control systems, ensuring accurate readings and reliable performance.

In conclusion, Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings are the linchpin of fluid and gas systems that require tubing to pass through panels or walls while maintaining a leak-free seal. Their robust construction, versatility, and ability to create secure connections make them invaluable across a wide range of industries. Whether in aerospace, marine, automotive, or chemical processing, Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and reliability of critical fluid systems.


Union Cross Tube Fittings

Title: Union Cross Tube Fittings: Achieving Seamless Connections in Fluid Systems

In the intricate world of fluid and gas systems, precision and reliability are paramount. When it comes to creating complex networks of tubing with multiple intersections, Union Cross Tube Fittings stand out as the solution of choice. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore Union Cross Tube Fittings, unraveling their functionality, advantages, and versatile applications.

Understanding Union Cross Tube Fittings

Union Cross Tube Fittings are critical components in fluid and gas systems, designed to facilitate the creation of complex networks by connecting four tubes at right angles to each other. These fittings comprise several essential components: the body, the nut, and the ferrules. The body, typically crafted from stainless steel, brass, or other durable materials, houses the tubes. The nut and ferrules play a crucial role in creating tight and secure seals for each of the connected tubes.

Key Features and Advantages

  1. Complex Network Creation: The defining feature of Union Cross Tube Fittings is their ability to connect four tubes at right angles. This capability enables the creation of intricate fluid or gas networks within a system.
  2. Leak-Free Performance: These fittings are precision-engineered to ensure airtight seals at each tube connection, preserving system integrity and preventing fluid or gas leakage.
  3. Material Versatility: Union Cross Tube Fittings are available in a variety of materials, making them adaptable to diverse applications. Whether in industrial processes, hydraulic systems, or plumbing, these fittings can be tailored to meet specific requirements.
  4. Ease of Installation: Despite their complex design, Union Cross Tube Fittings are designed for easy installation. They can be assembled without the need for specialized tools, reducing installation time and costs.
  5. Diverse Applications: These fittings find application in industries such as hydraulic machinery, chemical processing, and instrumentation, wherever complex tubing networks are required.

Applications of Union Cross Tube Fittings

Union Cross Tube Fittings play a pivotal role in various industries and scenarios:

  1. Hydraulic Systems: In hydraulic machinery and equipment, where precise control of fluid flow is essential, these fittings enable the creation of intricate networks for power transmission.
  2. Chemical Processing: In chemical plants, where the handling of corrosive substances is common, Union Cross Tube Fittings offer resistance to chemical corrosion while allowing for complex fluid networks.
  3. Instrumentation: In laboratories and analytical equipment, these fittings are used to establish precise fluid connections for accurate measurements and control.
  4. Automotive Industry: In automotive manufacturing, Union Cross Tube Fittings contribute to efficient fluid routing in vehicle braking systems and transmission lines.
  5. Plumbing: In plumbing systems, these fittings facilitate the creation of complex piping networks in residential and commercial applications.

In conclusion, Union Cross Tube Fittings are the cornerstone of fluid and gas systems that require complex networks with four intersecting tubes. Their ability to provide leak-free performance, versatility in materials and sizing, and ease of installation make them indispensable across a wide range of industries. Whether in hydraulic machinery, chemical processing, instrumentation, or plumbing, Union Cross Tube Fittings enable the creation of intricate fluid networks, ensuring efficiency, precision, and reliability in fluid and gas systems



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  • For Metric Tube: 1.6mm to 50mm
  • For Imperial Tube: 1/16" to 2"


  • 100 Bar to 650 Bar
  • 1500 Psi to 10000 Psi


  • SS 304, SS 304 / L, SS 316, SS 316 / L 
  • Duplex / Super Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Brass 
  • Alloy 600, Alloy 601, Alloy 625, Alloy 800, Alloy 825
  • Alloy 400, Alloy K500
  • Alloy C276
  • Titanium 
  • Carbon Steel / Mild Steel 


Tech Tubes and Fittings is a leading manufacturer, trader and exporter of SS-ferrule-fittings which are referred to as ferrule fittings in chrome steel of grades 304 and 316. On the customer demand, these ferrule fittings available in other grades like brass, copper, titanium and other metals. Double ferrule fittings offer strong leak-proof connection in process, power and instrumentation process and are compressed into the assorted tubing, and need no flaring of the metal to put in. the only and double ferrule fittings are available in broad range of dimensions, materials, and configurations.

The single and double ferrule fittings are manufactured in India in a broad range of sizes, materials, and configurations. Stainless steel ferrule fittings are widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic applications in a range of industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, natural gas, fertilizers and power generation.

Double Ferrule Fittings are Manufacture and consists of 4 pieces. This parts are of the stainless-steel Double Ferrule Fittings include the Nut, the rear Ferrule, the Front Ferrule in addition because the Body. Upon installation, chrome steel Hose Ferrules becomes a five-piece connection. Once the tube has been attached to the chrome steel Double Ferrule Compression Fittings, they supply a solid leak free joint. Stainless-steel Double Ferrule Fittings are used across multiple industries like the pulp & paper, laboratories, downstream petrochemical, aeronautical and shipbuilding furthermore because the defence industry.

A steel Single Ferrule Compression Fittings will be attached by deforming it. Once the fitting is deformed, the steel Ferrule compressed and clamped round the tube. Performing this action on the Stainless Double Ferrule Fittings creates a fully tight seal. Which is why the chrome steel Ferrules is ready to resist the nominal pressure of the tubing. Jointly of the leading chrome steel Ferrule Fittings manufacturers in India, we provide various alloy grades and fairly priced fittings.

The Double Ferrule fittings and accessories are manufactured for fluid application in India. There are three components of Double Ferrule Fittings designed to provide a solid, secure, leak-free joint upon proper assembly. Double ferrule fittings are perfectly suited to tubes of steel, copper, or chrome steel where it's out of the question or permissible to braze, solder, weld, flare, or string. For tough application environments that need a minimized risk of leak paths and injury, single ferrule fittings are a wonderful option. Metals expand and consent temperature cycling systems, which creates dimensional adjustments for fitting connections. A "spring-loaded" effect that gives constant friction between the fitting body and also the nut is provided by double ferrule designs.

These double ferrule fittings are available many varieties like instrumentation tube fittings, compression tube fittings, hydraulic tube fittings, single, double, and double ferrule tube fittings and are customized as per client’s demand.


Double Ferrule fittings standard configuration Tube sizes vary from 1/16 to 2 outer diameter and 2mm to 50 mm OD. The fabric grades are available in S3 504, S5 316, brass and a few special alloys and have thread NPT, BSP, BSPT, and UNF. These tubes have various pressure ratings like 6000PSI for stainless-steel and 300/1000/30000 PSI for brass alloy. The Configuration of the tube has varied from tube to tubes like straight, elbow, tee, cross and bulkhead.


These double ferrule-fittings are widely utilized in hydraulic and pneumatic applications in an exceedingly various range of industries like oil and gas refineries, petrochemicals, fossil fuel, fertilizers, power generation and plenty of more. These stainless-steel ferrule tubes are exported to India moreover as in other countries.


Single Ferrule Tube Fittings features

Features the one Ferrule Tube Fittings has been specifically designed to be used on instrumentation, process and control systems, analyzers, and environmental equipment employed in chemical, petroleum, power generation, and pulp and paper plants .Single Ferrule Tube Fittings have also been used extensively in other applications and industries wherever high reliability and quality are required.



Single Ferrule Tube Fittings benefits

  • Single Ferrule Tube Fittings are fully interchangeable.
  • High quality silver plated threads on nuts to ensure no galling on the body threads.
  • Gaugeable Bodies.
  • Zero leakage even under tough working conditions
  • Good high-pressure/corrsion/extreme temperature resistance
  • Simple to operate and save time and cost because of the usage of elastic seal
  • Widely used throughout the world
  • It can be reused.
  • Leak-proof joints capable of satisfying high pressure vacuum and vibration application



export Word Wise

Some of the countries we regularly export these Tube Fittings / Ferrule Fittings are: Denmark, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, United Kingdom (UK), Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhsthan, Kenya, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Sudan, Spain, Sri Lanka,   Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United States of America (USA), Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Myanmar, Canada, Chile, Colombia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Ireland, Austria, Kosovo, Slovenia.




Tube Fittings / Ferrule Fittings are traceable
to certified test report/ lot no.


Prevents Galling. Works in a wide range of temperature and extends the life of the fitting.


Edge of Back Ferrules are case hardened to ensure tight grip.                          


Precisely machined to very close tolerances. 


Each component is manufactured to close tolerances. 


Threads are as per standards and answers the gauge.


Our Tube Fittings / Ferrule Fittings
are similar to certain other
well-known Fittings manufacturers and thus easily interchangeable. 

Types of Hastelloy C276 Tube Fittings

Hastelloy C276 Compression Tube Fittings Supplied By Tech Tube & Fittings In High  Quality, Hastelloy C276 Tube Fittings Available. Hastelloy C276 Female Elbow, Hastelloy  C276 Female Adapter, Hastelloy C276 Tube Nut, Hastelloy C276 Female Run Tee,  Hastelloy C276 Tube Union, Hastelloy C276 Male Connector, Hastelloy C276 Union Cross,  Hastelloy C276 Male Run Tee, Hastelloy C276 Plug, Hastelloy C276 Hex Nipple, Hastelloy  C276 Bulkhead Tube Union, Hastelloy C276 Branch Tee , Hastelloy C276 Hex Coupling,  Hastelloy C276 Bushing, Hastelloy C276 Female Branch Tee, Hastelloy C276 Street Elbow,  Hastelloy C276 Blanking Plug, Hastelloy C276 Blanking End, Hastelloy C276 Female  Bulkhead Connector Hastelloy C276 Hex Coupling.

Fast Moving C276 Tube Fittings

Tube To Union Fittings, Tube Female Fittings, Tube Pipe Fittings, Tube To Male Fittings, Tube Fittings C276 Female Elbow, Tube Fittings C276 Tube Fittings Available. Tube Fittings  C276 Female Elbow, Tube Fittings C276 Female Adapter, Tube Fittings C276 Tube Nut, Tube Fittings  C276 Female Run Tee, Tube Fitting  C276 Tube Union, Tube Fittings C276 Male Connector, Tube Fittings  C276 Union Cross, Tube Fittings C276 Male Run Tee, Tube Fittings  C276 Plug, Tube Fittings  C276 Tube Fittings  C276 Hex Nipple, Tube Fittings C276 Bulkhead Tube Union, Tube Fittings  C276 Branch Tee, Tube Fittings  C276 Hex Coupling, Tube Fittings  C276 Bushing, Tube Fittings  C276 Female Branch Tee, Tube Fittings C276 Street Elbow, Tube Fittings  C276 Blacking Plug, Tube Fittings  C276 Blanking End, Tube Fittings  C276 Female Bulkhead Connector Tube Fittings C276 Hex Coupling, Tube Fittings  Allen Key.

  End Protection: Plastic Cap.

Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings

In the intricate world of fluid handling systems, Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings stand out as robust solutions that seamlessly merge strength, versatility, and durability. These fittings, crafted from alloy steel, cater to the demands of industries where precision and reliability in fluid control are imperative. This exploration delves into the distinctive features, applications, and advantages of Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings, underscoring their pivotal role in critical sectors.

Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings: A Symphony of Strength and Precision:

Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings represent a triumph of engineering, leveraging the superior properties of alloy steel to excel in challenging environments. Alloy steel, renowned for its exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and versatility, forms the backbone of these fittings, ensuring reliable fluid control solutions across various industries.

Key Features of Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings:

  1. Exceptional Strength:
  • Alloy steel is celebrated for its high tensile strength and robustness. Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings exhibit exceptional strength, making them ideal for applications subjected to high-pressure conditions in industries like oil and gas, chemical processing, and power generation.
  1. Corrosion Resistance:
  • Alloy steel, with its alloying elements, offers improved corrosion resistance compared to standard carbon steel. Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings are adept at withstanding corrosive environments, contributing to their longevity and reliability.
  1. Versatility in Applications:
  • Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings find diverse applications across industries such as petrochemicals, refineries, and hydraulic systems. Their versatility is evident in various configurations, including elbows, tees, unions, and adapters, providing tailored solutions for fluid control.
  1. Temperature Resistance:
  • Alloy steel exhibits excellent temperature resistance, making Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings suitable for applications involving extreme temperatures. Whether in high-temperature processing plants or cryogenic environments, these fittings maintain their structural integrity.

Applications of Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings:

  1. Oil and Gas Industry:
  • Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings play a crucial role in oil and gas exploration, refineries, and pipelines. Their strength and corrosion resistance contribute to the integrity of fluid systems in demanding environments.
  1. Chemical Processing Plants:
  • In chemical processing plants, where exposure to corrosive substances is prevalent, Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings provide reliable solutions. Their resistance to corrosion ensures the safety and efficiency of fluid handling systems.
  1. Power Generation Facilities:
  • Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings find applications in power generation facilities, contributing to the precision and reliability of fluid control in turbines, boilers, and cooling systems.
  1. Hydraulic Systems:
  • The strength and durability of Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings make them integral components in hydraulic systems. They facilitate precise fluid control in heavy machinery, construction equipment, and automotive applications.

In Conclusion:

Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings emerge as stalwarts in the fluid control landscape, embodying the strength, corrosion resistance, and versatility of alloy steel. Their applications across critical industries underscore their significance in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of fluid and gas systems. As technology advances, Alloy Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings continue to set new benchmarks, contributing to the evolution of industrial processes and reinforcing their pivotal role in precision fluid control


Pressure & Temperature rating for Instrumentation Fittings

       316 SS & CARBON STEEL




1/8” NPT



1/4” NPT



3/8” NPT



1/2” NPT



3/4” NPT



1” NPT



Compression fittings are rated for working pressure higher than the tubing, Therefore pressure rating depends on choice of tubing which should be based on material, Wall thickness and temperature see table below de rating factors must be used to determinate tubing working pressure at high temperatures.


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