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What is manifold valve?

Manifold valve

Manifolds Are The Equipment Which Connects Two Or More Valves Of A Hydraulic System. A Variety Of  Isolate Valves Can Be Combined In A Single Body Configuration. These Manifolds Commonly Include Ball, Bleed, Needle, & Vent Valves, It Consists Of Two Block Valves High Pressure And Low Pressure & Two Block Valves Provide Instrument Isolation, A Manifold Is A Device That Connects One Or More Block Isolate Valves Of A Hydraulic System.

You Can Better Choose From A Wide Variety Of Instruments Such As 2-Valve, 3-Valve, 5-Valve, And So On, With Specific Features To Suit Your Requirements.


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Advantages of a Manifold Valve.

1) Manifold Valve Is A Small & Big Size With Cartridge Valve Design That Suitable In Restricted Spaces.

2) Reduced Installation Costs & Fluid Connections Due To Simpler Compact Design,

Reduced Oil Leaks And Upkeep With Less Connections That Can Fatigue, Wear & Loosen.

3) Manifold Valves Are Used In Numerous Of Different Applications From Mini Portable Machines To Heavy Industrial Equipment.

4 ) Manifold Helps To Reduce Space, Requires Less Fittings, Less Assembly Time, & Reduced Leak Points That Improves System Layout.

5) Manifold Valves Are Used To Stop The Flow Of Fluids To Reach Some Component.


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