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What is a High Pressure 2 Way Manifold Valve?

At construction and manufacturing sites, manifolds are often used and operated equipment. Techtube ensures that its customers can focus on their work without encountering any difficulties.


We are the producer and supplier of these fittings and equipment, and we can give you a 3 way manifold valve guide. Are you interested in learning more? Are you waiting to have insights into this usable valve? Let's begin this.   

What is a high pressure 2 way manifold valve? 

High-pressure 2 way manifold valves are commonly used to set circuit pressure to offset weight or outside pressure. The valve's primary section is connected to the cylinder's rod end, and the pressure setting is barely higher than what is required to keep the weight from free-falling.


A monolithic high-pressure two-way valve manifold is more common, with the two-way valves forming one solid block of metal and connected to the pressure transmitter via a flanged face with O-ring seals.


In normal operation, the blocking valves are opened and the equalizing valve is tightly closed, preventing fluid from flowing from the high to the low-pressure side. The equalizing valve is open and the block valves are closed. Close the high-pressure valve first, then open the equalizing valve, and then close the low-pressure valve to close the valves.

Putting a Two-Valve Manifold Differential Pressure Transmitter into Service

  1. A pressure transmitter manifold can be valved using the techniques listed below.
  2. Examine to see if all of the valves are closed.
  3. To ensure that the pressure on both sides of the transmitter manifold is equal, open the equalizing valves. Zero differential pressure is the formal name for this uniform pressure.
  4. Slowly open the higher pressure block valve. On both sides of the transmitter, make sure there are no leaks.
  5. Close the equalizing valve to ensure that pressure is equal on both sides of the transmitter.
  6. Open the low-pressure block valve to apply pressure to the transmitter's low-pressure side.
  7. Keep the valve open until the differential pressure is at a safe level and you can handle it. 


A high-pressure 2 way manifold valve is one of the best treatments for controlling the high temperature and high-pressure flow of fluids and gases. You should need to first have all the details regarding the product from the site. Place the edict for this incredible valve and enjoy its usefulness. Layout your event as the best one!! 



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