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What are the Different Types of Pipe Fittings?

Pipe fittings, also known as pipe connectors.These connect two pipes in a plumbing system to extend the run or change the flow direction. These are used to combine, redirect, or lessen the flow of water, and they are available in several diameters to fit the pipe they will connect. Techtube proposes some pipe fittings mentioned below. Let's go.


Different Kinds of Pipe Fittings 

There are 7 different kinds of pipe fittings. They are:

  1. Elbow

These pipe attachments are used to change the direction of the flow. Despite their increased need for plumbing, they are mainly available in two basic shapes: 90 and 45-degree curves. When the linked piping dimensions are particular, variations in the elbow reducer are common. Elbow fittings are made of a variety of materials, with the majority being female.


  1. Couplings

A coupler is a leak-proof pipe cap. Pipe couplings that have been split or damaged. The connection holes would be of similar size. Regular couplings and slip-couplings are two types of couplings used in plumbing. To eliminate leakage, use rubber seals or gaskets on both sides of the standard sealing between the two pipes. To rebuild the long pipes that were destroyed, the slip coupling requires two pipes.


  1. Flanges

Another pipe fitting is the flange, which is used to link pipes, Flange engines, valves, and other elements to form a complete pipeline network. They can disinfect or inspect the entire system from the inside out rapidly.


  1. Unions

In terms of functionality, this pipe fitting is similar to a union, but with one exception: a union can be simply detached when the coupling is unable. A multitude of dielectric unions is used to join pipes made of different materials to avoid any form of galvanic corrosion. Threads are finished with a nut, female, and male in these pipe fittings.


  1. Adapter 

Pipes are joined to connections to increase the duration of their connections or if the pipes lack acceptable ends. These pipe fittings may thread male or female threads onto the pipe ends as needed. It allows communication without the need for a complicated setup, unlike pipes. These are most commonly used with PVC and copper tubing.


  1. Bushings 

These pipe fittings are used to connect pipes of different Bushings sizes by raising the size of the bigger fit to the size of the smaller pipe. In comparison to a union or coupler used for the same purpose, bushings are not usually inside out threaded and take up relatively little space.


  1. Valves

Within the plumbing system, valves are used to stop the passage of gases or liquids. Throttling, separation, and non-return are three common styles. The separation valves are used to quickly disconnect a segment of the pipe system for replacement or reconstruction. Throttling valves are used to adjust the volume of a liquid's pressure in a pipe, so they can withstand the tension caused by this mechanism.


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