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Needle Valve Working Mechanism & Application

Needle Valve
Needle valve will provide the precise control over the fluid flow. When handle wheel will be rotated in clockwise direction, stem and its tapered and slender point will move in downward direction and will be tightly fixed into a valve seat provided over the inlet and hence there will not be any leakage of fluid through the valve once valve is closed completely.
When handle wheel will be rotated in anti-clockwise direction, stem and its tapered and slender point will move in upward direction and valve will be opened from closed position and will permit the flow of fluid through the valve. Fluid flowing via needle valve will turn at 90 degree angle and will pass through the valve seat at which slender or tapered point of valve stem will be seated during closed position of valve.

Applications of needle valve

  1. Needle valves are basically used for controlling the fluid flow into the delicate gauges of the system, which might be damaged if high pressure fluid will be delivered suddenly.
  2. Needle valves could also be used in various industrial equipment where motion of work must stop slowly at the end of operation.
  3. Needle valves are usually used for controlling and adjusting the fluid flow precisely. Needle valves are much in demand where lower flow rate will be required.
  4. Needle valves could be used under throttling condition, complete open condition or in complete closed position.

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