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How to use Plug Valve?


Plug Valve

Plug Valves Generally Are Used For The Same Full-Flow Service As Gate Valves,They Are Used For Steam, Water, Oil, Gas, And Chemical Liquid Service Plug Valves Generally Can Be Readily Repaired Or Cleaned Without Necessitating Removal Of The Body From The Piping System. Plug Valve Is Used In Place Of Gate Valve Where A Quick Operation Is Required. It Can Be Used In High-Pressure Temperature Services.

Plug Valve Basics?

1. A Plug Valve Is Shaped Like A Cylinder

2. Plug Valves Have One Or More Hollow Passageways Often Placed

3. The Most Common Type Of Plug Valve Is The 2 Port Model With An Open And Closed Position.

4. A Plug Valve Also Uses A Quarter Turn Valve, Which Is Useful Where Quick And Frequent Operation Is Essential.


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