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High Pressure Tube Fittings

High Pressure Pipe Fittings 10000 Psi / High Pressure Pipe Fittings 6000 Psi / High Pressure Pipe Fittings 3000 Psi.

Considering a high demand from the industry for High Pressure Pipes Fittings, Tech Tubes & Fittings (tactlok) has launched its
new product range of High Pressure Pipe Fittings.

These High Pressure Pipe Fittings have a pressure range from 3000PSI to 15000PSI hydrostatically. 
These fittings are tested prior to supply as per client's indication and come in a variety of sizes, material and pressure ranges. 
Also, serving clients to their customized/ specific demands. Available in a variety of threads like BSP, BSPT, NPT, Metric, UNC, UNF and Socket Weld ends. 

Below mentioned are a few products from our wide range of products: 

Adaptor 10000 Psi Male X Female
Cross-10000 Psi Female X Female
Elbow-10000 Psi Female X Female
Elbow-10000 Psi Male X Female
Elbow-10000 Psi Male X Male

TEE-10000 Psi Female

TEE-10000 Psi Male

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