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High Pressure Tube Fittings

Tech Tubes & Fittings (Brand : tactlok) manufactures High Pressure Tube Fittings, tested at 14500 PSI or 1000 Bars hydrostatically. These Tube Fittings are available in various sizes and ranges as below :

High Pressure Tube Fittings
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High Pressure Tube Fittings Range

  • SS 304, SS 304/L, SS 316, SS 316/L
  • Duplex / Super Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • (Incoloy)* Alloy 600, Alloy 601, Alloy 625, Alloy 800, Alloy 825
  • (Monel)* Alloy 400, Alloy K500, Alloy R405
  • (Hastelloy)* Alloy C276, Alloy C22, Alloy B2
  • Titanium
  • Carbon Steel / Mild Steel 

Size Range for High Pressure Tube Fittings:

  • For Tube Ends: 1.6mm to 50mm or 1/16” OD to 2” OD
  • For Threaded Ends: 1/16" to 2"
  • Type of Threads : BSP, NPT, ISO, BSPT, UNF etc.,


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Featured Products of High Pressure Tube Fittings: 
High Pressure Tube Union 
High Pressure Male Connector 
High Pressure Female Connector 
High Pressure Male Elbow NPT
High Pressure Female Elbow NPT
High Pressure Bulk Head Union
High Pressure Bulkhead Elbow 
High Pressure Union Tee
High Pressure Union Elbow
High Pressure Branch Male Tee
High Pressure Run Male Tee 


Tech Tubes & fittings Brand tactlok™ manufactures high quality tube fittings such as double compression ferrule single compression ferrule, SS tube fittings, weld fittings, male & female connectors, tube union, bulkhead union, cross, elbow, tee, tube plug & tube cap in various sizes.


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