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Functions of a 2 Way Manifold Valve

Functions of a 2 Way Manifold Valve

Manifolds are the easiest and most suitable ones for the fittings and fixtures. There are 3 types of manifolds 2 way, 3 way, and 5 way manifold valves. Let's today focus on the 2 way manifold valve by having a glance at the definition of 2 way manifold valve with its functions. Now, let's start this article. 

What is a 2 way manifold valve? 

The vent valve and block valve needle valves are located on the two-way manifold valve. The block valve is immediately connected to the flow line, which receives the pressure line's input and passes it on to the pressure transmitter. If a bubble or inclusion becomes caught in the flow line, the vent valve is used to release the fluid.

Functions of 2 way manifold valve

A two-way manifold valve is a compact unit that combines an isolation valve and a vent valve. NPT [National Pipe Taper ], BSPT [British Standard Pipe Taper ], and BSPP [British Standard Parallel Pipe ]  connections are available in a variety of sizes and thread forms. Intimacy, calibration, or testing of devices, as well as instrument venting, are all comprised in this small setup. Pressure gauges, transmitters, and switches are among the applications for the two-way manifold valve. 1/2-inch FNPT connections link the pressure instruments to the manifold valve.


We have the following major features as a manifold manufacturer and supplier:

  • T-bar for a break in the action
  • The lids are identical.
  • nut for the gland adjuster bolt
  • The spindle top has a bubble-tight shut-off, ensuring that the user achieves a leak-free result with downstream safety.
  • Valve bonnet with a bonnet locking washer that can be replaced.
  • Gland filler to provide complete sealing with the smallest amount of air adjustment.
  • Bonnet/body washer ensures exact atmospheric leakage and allows for on-site bonnet retrofitting with 100% resealing certification.
  • Anti-blowout spindle with high-quality micro reflector stem end for optimistic gland sealing created for short torque operation.
  • Anti-rotational point brush for uniform loading deduction, pressure-tight sealing, and cold flow passageway restriction.
  • To alter gland grate refund, use a gland packing adjuster.


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