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Different types of 5 Way Manifold Valve?

A 5-way valve manifold is utilized with the pressure transmitter. A traditional 5-way valve manifold consists of one block valve and one drain or test valve. Let's get started.


The 5 way manifold valve's characteristics

Techtube recommends the best manifold valves to ensure that your work runs smoothly and without any fluid or gas loss. The following are some of the features of these 5 way manifold valves:

  • A diverse selection of materials is available.
  • Operation with low torque and a high-pressure level of Up to 15000 ps are available.
  • It's all about the compact design. NPT (National Pipe Taper), BSPT (British Standard Pipe Taper), and BSPP (British Standard Parallel Pipe) end connectors, as well as dust caps, are included with the valve.

Types of 5 way Manifold valves 

1. Direct Connect or inline 5 way Manifold valve 

direct link 5-way manifolds, also known as inline, block and bleed, and block and bleed 5-way manifolds, feature female or male process connections. A male National Pipe Taper (NPT) is used to connect this sort of manifold to transmitters.


Only a 5-valve panel with a 12" NPT (National pipe taper) process connection is available for these manifolds. On these manifolds, female process connections are prevalent, but male process connections are also available.

2. Coplanar 5 way Manifold Valve 

Assembly of five valves coplanar manifolds with direct process connections coplanar manifolds with direct process connections


A 5-valve system with a direct process connection on a coplanar manifold

A process connection comes in from the bottom of a coplanar manifold, eliminating the need for a process flange. They come with two valves as well as a five-valve gas metering system. On coplanar manifolds, process connection sizes of 12" and 14" are available.

3. Traditional 5 Way Manifold Valve

A side connector is seen on traditional manifolds. They can be obtained with two valves. A flange is required on some classic manifolds, while it is not required on others. Technique connectors of 12" and 14" are included with these manifolds.

4. Conventional 5 way Manifold Valve

Conventional Manifolds are a type of five-way manifold that has been in use for a long time. A 5-valve configuration is typical of a classical manifold. You'll need to use a standard manifold if you need a totalizer manifold on the flank of a process flange rather than immediately on a pressure transmitter detector. The terms "choice" and "traditional" are used to describe these flanges. Conventional manifolds with two valves are available. There is a 2 18" center-to-center association on the device side.



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