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Application of Orifice Flange


Orifice flanges are for metering the volumetric flow rate of liquids and gasses through a pipe. Two orifice flanges are called an orifice flange union. Each flange comes with two pipe taps for measuring the pressure drop of the flow through an orifice plate. Orifice plates do not come with the flanges and are sized based on the requirements of the process. Two jack screws are used to spread the flanges apart in order to change the orifice plate. This flange is normally available in weld neck, slip-on, and threaded flanges. These flanges have a raised face.

Orifice Flanges generally come with either Raised Faces or RTJ (Ring Type Joint) facings. They are, for all intensive purposes, the same as weld neck and slip on flanges with extra machining.

The image on the right shows a set Orifice Flanges, where a Orifice Plate is mounted and a jack screw is machined. This jack screw is used to facilitate separating the flanges for inspection or replacement of the Orifice Plate and gaskets.

The range of orifice flanges covers all standard sizes and ranges, and all common flange materials. ASME B16.36 covers Dimensions and dimensional tolerances from orifice flanges (similar to those covered in ASME B16.5) that have orifice pressure differential connections. Coverage is limited to the flanges


  • Welding Neck Classes 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500
  • Slip On Class 300
  • Threaded Class 300

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